New updates and improvements to

  1. Juuno Fire Stick TV App v1.0.1 Released


    In this update, we've rolled out minor updates along with a vital fix for the unmuted player bug.

    Previously, when your playlist included a video app or scene, you might have experienced videos displaying a blank or black screen on subsequent plays. With version 1.0.1, this problem is resolved, ensuring continuous playback of all video content.

    If you have auto-updates disabled on your Fire TV, you will need to update to the latest version. Here's how: 


  2. White label player (Web and FireStick)

    New Feature

    We have just launched our white label player. To keep the name of the player secret and away from Google's prying eyes, please email our support team ( for the relevant links and install instructions.

    The white label player allows you to send the player link to your clients. They can then send you the activation code without ever having to interact with Juuno.



    While Label / unbranded player app

    I'm going to use Juuno for all my clients. But I'd rather they didn't know I'm using Juuno as I will add my markup to the cost. Please create a white label / unbranded version of the player that I can ask them to download. I can then simply ask them to launch this player app on the Firestick (or iOS / Android device) and read out the connection code to me. I can then manage multiple clients from one account.




  3. We are live on AppSumo! 🥳

    To get lifetime access to Juuno, head over to AppSumo and buy a screen for just $19!

    You can go here to buy more screens. 



  4. Workspaces for Agencies

    New Feature

    Workspaces are now live!

    If you are an agency, you can use workspaces to assign screens to different clients under teh same app.

    Get started here!




  5. Thanks for joining the Beta!

    If you are reading this then you are one of the very first people to give Juuno a whirl.

    We are still ironing out a few bugs and building WAY more apps, but hopefully you can start to see where we are taking the product.

    If you have an idea, please submit it here on our ideas platform so that other Beta users can vote on it.


    Know anyone else who needs Juuno?

    We'd love to hear from them. Please send them this way! 


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